Eli Baby dress

I’m so excited, and I’m so glad that this dress’s come out just as I wanted it to! I saw the pattern for Clara dress, and I loved it. But I didn’t want to order the yarn with it. On top of that, the yarn I planned on using was a very different weight. So I set out to make my own.

It’s knitted in the round, top-down. I lost the notes I made, but I can recreate the pattern if there’s any interest out there.  I also plan to make a warm cardi based on the same principle.

I’ve defined size as 12 months, since my girl now (6.5 months) wears store-bought clothes in size 9-1 months, and the dress fits her loosely, and will hopefully last a couple of months still – until the end of summer if I’m lucky.

There were were quite a few mistakes, which are corrected now.

PATTERN IN PDF – download 

Italian translation – thanks a lot, Barbara.


  • Eden by Grignasco (100% bamboo, 100m/50g) – 3 skeins (I used mine to the last cm, so get an extra skein if in doubt)
  • 4,5 mm (US7)  circular needle (60 cm / 24 in long), 4,5 mm/G hook (optional), 1 stitch marker.


12 months

Finished measurements: chest circumference – 56cm (22in), length – 40cm (16in).


18sts x 25 rows=10 cm/ 4 in

16 thoughts on “Eli Baby dress

  1. The directions are very confusing. I wasn’t able to follow them. Perhaps it’s the attempt to make things simpe. Take the 3rd row: Does one repeat the direction in the parentheses all the way across or what? Then the 4th row: Continue in established pattern. Not specific enough to follow at all. I am an experienced knitter, but couldn’t figure this pattern out at all.

    • Dear Helena,

      I’m very sorry you’re having problems with this free pattern. I wonder if maybe have an older version?

      The latest version of the pdf (released on June 10th 2012), always has an indication after brackets as to how many times to repeat the stitch combination. E.g. Row 3: SS, k1, p1, k1, (p1, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2)x7times, p1, k1, p1, k1, ss – 65 sts.

      The abbreviation section explains how to knit in established pattern: “work to keep the established alignment of knit and purl stitches. This means that you knit the stitch that looks like a knit stitch, and purl the purls. When knitting forth and back, on the wrong side row you basically do the opposite to what you’ve done to that stitch in the right side row (also, purl the yarn overs and m1s, and knit the m1ps). When knitting in round, you do the same stitch as you did the round before (knitting the yo’s and m1s, and purling the m1ps). Please refer to the chart for more clarity.”

      If you would like to give the pattern another try and have more questions, you can contact me on silkandwool.eu (at) gmail.com.

  2. This is exactly what i wanted but i need to be able to knit this for a brand new baby. Do you know if there is a pattern for a newborn some where

      • I just don’t think that would shrink it down from a one year old size to a newborn though. Perhaps I’ll try my hands at an adaptation. Yikes!

      • You could also try that! It will depend a lot on your gauge. But please bear in mind that you probably want to make a 3mo size – newborns can be very different in size, and it would be better to make a dress that’s a bit too large than to small. Newborns grow really fast. With both my kids, I have some gifted and bought clothes in sizes of upto 6 months, that were worn once or never. If you look at this measurement guide http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/babysize.html , it shows that the difference between 3mo and 12 mo sizes are not too large.

        The reason why I decided not to try grading the pattern for several sizes is because of the yoke. If you have the same gauge as mine, and take out one (or better two leaves to keep the symmetry), that will make the dress narrower, but the yoke length will stay the same, and it will be way too long. You could try to keep the same number of leaves, but make them smaller though. If you go that way and it works, I would be very happy if you let me know 🙂

      • My intent is for the dress to be a coming home from the hospital and possibly first photos outfit so i do need it to be small. I thought about talking out a leaf or even two. I’m petty new to knitting so this wool be a challenge. O just hope it comes out right thanks for responding

  3. hello,
    its a reaaly good design. and i understood the directions also after some thorough reading. now i am stuck at cf1. what is it? i have searched on net but didnt got a clue. how wil it be done. do we need any extra neede for that and after taking both stitch off the left needle where will they go?…… on the right needle or i’lll have to drop them off. these are some confusing things i cant understand.

  4. I have a question on Round 23, where my pattern (which I got from Ravelry) says, skp2tog. I don’t see this in the list of abbreviations on p.1. Does it mean sk2p?

  5. is there another name for the di double increase? I’ve tried to find videos of this increase, but everything I’ve found doesn’t sound like your description …. can you help??

    • I’m not sure if there is another name for this stitch. I tried looking a bit, and could not find anything. It’s basically a kfb (knit front and back), with a yarn over in between.

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